Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get While The Getting's Good!

Thank goodness we are past the election! 
 Is anyone with me? 

 It's time to talk turkey. 
 Literally, and figuratively.

Let's get our focus on the family. 
Let's continue (or begin!) to clean and organize for the holidays. 

Let's get some healthy meals in the freezer so we don't have to bother with dinner when we are putting up decorations.  (Or, when the autumn cold catches us - heaven forbid.)

Here's a special tip for today.  
And, move fast - time's a wasting.

If you think your going to have a garage sale next spring or summer...
Head outside and take a gander at those leftover election signs.
See the really nice ones with the plastic corrugation?
(Look right past those cheap-o cardboard ones.)

Keep an eye out for the campaign folks who will be diligently picking up those signs today and tomorrow.  (Let's just go with that.)  And, when they hop off the truck to grab em ask if you can have them.

They make EXCELLENT garage sale signs!

What's YOUR tip for today?
Tell us.

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