Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dumpster Dive, Not Quite Dead Yet, and a Sneak Preview!

Hello, sweet chair.
(Please look past the cord, the couch cover riding up, and the dust...)
Hubby and I found a little dumpster dived chair on the way home 
from seeing John Denver in concert. 
In a fashion.

We had a great time, btw.
The fact that the highlighter is deceased didn't sway me 
from snatching up the tickets last November as a Valentine's surprise.

I mean, come on!  
There's NO WAY my honey would have guessed... 
"I bet you bought us John Denver concert tickets!"

Sure, his first reaction was, "He's dead."  (Mine, was, too.)
Then he realized that seeing JD in concert was indeed an unfulfilled item on his bucket list.

And, once we got past the whole dead thing, it was a great time.  His estate gave permission for some of his original band members to tour with a video of mashed up live concert appearances.

(The strangest thing ended NOT being that John wasn't there.  For me, it was that the amazing horn player, piano player, and guitarists were on the stage playing live with the 20 something versions of themselves playing on the big screen behind 'em.)

I fun time was had by all.  Most.  Well, not John.  
Er.  Anyways....

So, I decided that the dumpster dived chair would make a handy holding spot for my current reading list.  I'm in the middle of a few good books. 
See that one on top? 
 I'm THRILLED to be reading an advanced copy of 
Shauna Niequist's soon to be released book "Bread & Wine."
 I'm loving it.More on that soon!

So, share.
What are you reading?
Or, what's your most recent dumpster dive?
Or, what's the latest concert you've attended where the artist was deceased? 

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