Monday, February 18, 2013

Braised Beef Tacos - Tasty Leftovers

Quick Tacos Braised Beef Leftovers
Braised Beef Tacos

We eat a lot of tacos.
If there is a handful of leftover protein - it becomes a taco.

In this case, it was brisket from our Cider Braised Beef
Warmed corn tortillas, diced onion, queso fresco, and some fresh cilantro.
With a nice squirt of lime on top.

Can't see the cilantro?  
Well, we didn't have any this go-round.

I'm not one of those who hate cilantro and find it all soapy tasting.
Are you?

Can I tell you a secret?  
We don't always have queso fresco on hand - though nowadays you can get it at the local supermarket so that makes it pretty easy to have around.  Sometimes I'll use leftover feta.  It gives a similar texture and crumbliness (yeah I'm just making up words...) and it adds a bit more salt.  If it's a crumbly white cheese there's a chance it might end up in a taco round here.

In other news, hubby and I found a great Mexican restaurant spitting distance from us.  A pal gave us a gift card (thanks Shawn!) and we lucked out.  Between the two of us we tried enchiladas, sopes, tacos, and flautas.  The chorizo, al pastor and chicken rocked. 
And, it was really inexpensive. Yum.

What's new in your neck of the woods?

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