Monday, April 2, 2007

Lending a Hand - Week 1

About 2 weeks ago I thought, "Hey, why don't I lend at hand a church in the kitchen?" Pondered it that morning. Well, that would help me get some of this cooking energy out of my system, put me in a position to help someone else, and I would be around other volunteers and full-time chefs. So, I signed up.

I went in last week for just a one-day kind of thing. Just get a feel for their needs, etc. And, I had a great time. Sometimes it's nice to just lend a hand. So, I filled 50 fruit cups with fresh cut fruit. Not rocket science. But, sometimes it's nice to just do a simple repetitive task, ya know? I watched the monitor, heard the band rehearse for service that evening. Had some quiet time, just me and the fruit. I was good with that. Really good with that.

I had a chance to meet some really nice people, too. I spoke with the volunteer coordinator who told me how she got involved with what she does. There's a fabulous baker who always seems to have something tasty in her hands. And, one of the chefs talked to me about cooking and I told him about, well, this wild ride, this escapade of cooking that I seem to be on. And, it was so nice to share that. It's nice to talk to someone who is passionate about food. And, if his eyes were glazing over listening to me talk about my new-found love, he didn't show it. And, I was sort of looking for the "glaze." I stopped periodically, just to give him an out. But, he just followed up with a pertinent question or two. Wow. It's nice to be heard, listened to, ya know?

So, as usual, I go in to serve, and end up being even more served myself.

Volunteerism is like Pringles - Once you pop, you can't stop.

Yeah, I signed up for the next week.

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