Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 1 - Taking a Deeper Look

Yes, today is Day 1.
(Please read the post "How the Other Half Lives" for further explanation.)

And, I'm been thinking a lot about perspective.
For some reason an episode of "The West Wing" popped into my head.
I loved that show.

Anyway, there was an episode about how skewed the standard world map is. How, if drawn closer to scale, it would look something like this.
(Click the photo to supersize it.)
Okay, by raise of hands, how many of you really knew Africa was THAT large and the U.S. was that small?

So, I wondered, what would a map drawn by population look like?
(Again, click for a larger image.)
Wowee, that's a whole lot of green and yellow.
China and India, for those of us who have canceled our subscription to National Geographic.

Now, I'll toss in one more.
Yes, let's just concede that you can manipulate statistics to attain a desired result. But, still. This is amazing.
Now, that last map is going to ruffle some feathers. If you want more information on how that map was designed, head to World Mapper.

The basic categories are:
"Infectious and parasitic diseases,Respiratory infections,Maternal conditions affecting women before, during and after childbirth,Perinatal conditions arising in babies before or within one week of birth,
Nutritional deficiencies - conditions due to food, vitamin and mineral shortages.

These conditions caused 32% of all deaths worldwide in 2002, an average of 2968 deaths per million people."

Anyway, that's what I'm pondering right now.
I'm not so concerned about who's numbers are more accurate that those of another agency.
It's the overall picture that's rolling around in my noggin.

Let's not forget our own country.
(Click to enlarge.)
Oh, I suppose I should mention food.
Last night, prepping for the week, I made 6 serving of rice and portioned them out into grab and go containers. I also made 4 hard boiled eggs.

For dinner, since I was scaling down, I had 1 cup of rice and and a hard boiled egg.
I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
I think it was having the egg so late in the evening - about 10 pm.
So, I'll having my portion of protein in the morning from now on.

Well, today is Day 1.
Breakfast was a hard boiled egg.
Lunch and Dinner is a 2 cup portion of plain white rice.

Oh, and I did have coffee this morning.
I decided that living with a caffeine headache was not something I wanted to experience during this exercise. So, I'll be having a small coffee Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Well, I'm off to nuke my rice.
They don't have microwaves in the desert...

Oh, and I want to mention that at least one person I know is coming along for this ride. Pari is beginning the "5 days on $2 or less" challenge tomorrow.

Right now, he expects his meal plan will look like this:
Breakfast: Tea, Sugar, Oatmeal w/ butter and sugar
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
Dinner: Ramen Noodles w/ egg and mixed vegetables.

You can read more about his plan at his blog LECTORI SALUTEM!. Be sure to look around and read his other posts, too. It's food, politics, religion, tech related.

This guy is about the most level-headed person I know. I truly feel he should be working as an ambassador for...something. He's one of those people who you just KNOW has the potential to change the world for the better. (Granted, I think we all do.) But, he likely does. Each day. One person at a time.

If you feel like joining Pari and me on your own eating "5 Days on $2 or less" plan, jump right in. Leave a comment below, if you wish. And, include a link, if you plan to blog it.

Okay, NOW, I'm really heading to the microwave...
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"Fall to Grace" will not be written this week in order to highlight the following 2 blogs:
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