Sunday, April 20, 2008

T minus 1 - Random Thoughts About Water.

Well, last night I started tapering down.

Those who have read my last 2 posts are aware that beginning Monday I'll be eating more like "the other half of the world."

I've decided on a plan which includes five days of rice, beans, plain oatmeal or Cream of Wheat, plain tortillas, and maybe a vegetable or small bit of meat. The meat will be the size of a chicken nugget, by way of example.

And, I've decided against trying to see what I can do with those items. No gussying them up. Bland and boring is part of the deal.

I hit the Jewel and bought Cream of Wheat, rice, eggs, beans and tortillas.

An aside.
Geesh. In a non-Hispanic grocery store it's hard to find yellow corn tortillas. I bought fancy-pants white corn, but I'll be getting yellow tomorrow when I drive through an area with Mexican markets.

I should use dried beans, but quite frankly I don't eat beans.
And, I don't know beans about...beans.
So, I bought 1 can of red beans and 1 of black.

I'll admit that I did have a brief thought,
"Oh, I can make a nice 3 bean salad with..."
Sure, because in the desert you have vinegar just chilling in the mini-fridge.
OK, maybe just a cup o' beans, then.

Eggs, you say, are not on the first list.
You're right.

But, I figured that rather than cooking a large portion of chicken or beef - just to freeze it - lest it go to waste since am only eating a chicken nugget portion, I'll just use eggs. One egg, one meal.

Did I just use the word "lest" in a sentence?

T-Minus 2 Days
So,I decided last night to taper down a little.
Dinner was Cream of Wheat - although, the way I made it, you dry-wall types might recognize it as Spackle. This morning's breakfast was...Cream of Wheat, with some additional water.

T-Minus 1
Now, since my 5 day challenge is not officially starting till tomorrow, I did finish off a bowl of sliced peaches which were already open in my fridge. Lunch was two tortillas with cheese. I won't be having cheese next week, but this was still tapering down from the nice Chicken Cavatappi pesto pasta that it my usual Sunday lunch.

Dinner was a headache, with a few onces of coffee to see if we could make the headache go bye-bye, and a cup of white rice.

Then I poured myself a nice tall glass of Brita filtered water. And, I made note that I should probably be sure to have a nice tall glass of water with every meal. First, to fill up the tummy, and second to combat any dehydration - since my food intake was not exactly going to be high in moisture content.


You know, if I'm eating "how the other half lives," THEY sure don't have Brita filtered water. And, they don't get tall glasses of it with every meal. They're lucky if they get a tall glass a month.

I don't think I'll be giving up on water.
But, I do think that I'll be a little more grateful while drinking it this week.

Thus ends Sunday's ramblings.
Did I just use the word "thus?" Pin It

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