Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 5 - Look Who's Coming to the Cafeteria

Well, I'll be wrapping up the 5 day challenge today.

I found out that eating a diet of consisting of 1 cup of Cream of Wheat, 1 egg, and a half cup each of rice and beans...didn't make me hungry. My tongue was bored. My tastebuds went on vacation due to the blandness. (I didn't use seasoning other than a pinch of salt.)

I was amazed that even though I was only eating an estimated 411 calories a day, I wasn't hungry. That's what happens, I guess when:
1) Your body starts to slow its metabolism down
2) You have a BMI Index of 36.4

A lot of what I've been thinking and learning it still in progress. I will likely have a follow up someday. But, for now, there's just too many things rolling around in my noggin.

Switching gears...

Today my sis got me thinking about school nutrition.
Chef Jamie Oliver has been working hard to shake things up in UK.
You can read Jamie's 2 page Manifesto on his site.

Here is an excerpt:

1. In schools: make cooking and life skills classes compulsory for all kids so they learn about food and good eating habits while they're young.

2. For teachers: recruit and train new cookery teachers, otherwise the new right that kids have to cookery lessons just isn’t going to happen.

3. For heads: empower heads to make every school a junk food free zone.

4. For parents: educate parents and help them to understand the basics of family cooking and responsible nutrition.

5. For dinner ladies: invest in dinner ladies with proper training and enough paid hours to cook their food with fresh ingredients.

6. Commit to a ten-year strategic plan and fund a long-term public campaign to get people back on to a proper diet and empower/persuade (and possibly scare, if needed) the public to make better choices.

Hungry for more, I stopped off at the USDA Healthy Meals Resource System and see what it has to say on nutrition.

Know what I found?
Each state has a periodically updated List of Chefs who are...
"willing to volunteer their time in schools to inspire children about cooking."

Check your state.
These talented people have volunteered their assistance.

Why not take them up on it?
Maybe you can cook up some interest in both the classroom...
And the lunchroom. Pin It

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Unknown said...

Well done, well done indeed. It's been educational if nothing else.

It's been fun reading and copycatting your blog. We should do some other project some time.

We also need to hang out at BinD and spend a few hours getting into some deep foodie conversations. I will buy the beer.

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