Friday, November 7, 2008

Video: Breaking Down a Whole Chicken (Chef Michael Pardus)

Save Money By Breaking Down a Whole Chicken

Here are direct links to all three videos -  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

I am a big fan of Michael Ruhlman and his blog
In Ruhlman's book, The Making of a Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute,
he introduces one of his Chef instructors, Michael Pardus. 
Mike Pardus and Mike Ruhlman have become good friends over the years, 
and Pardus is an occasional contributor to Ruhlman's blog.

A couple of questions for my 1000...
Okay, 3 loyal readers.

Have you ever cut up a whole chicken?

If no, are you willing to try?

Do you own at least 1 good knife ?

How has the economy affected your buying, cooking and the food you eat?

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Video How to Break Down a Whole Chicken
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Jules said...

Loyal reader #3 checking in from the Left Coast.
Have I ever cup up a whole chicken? Yes. Absotively.
Will I do so again? I suppose - tho' honestly I'm willing to pay the extra to let a pro do it for me.
The economy has not affected my food intake whatsoever. But then, I seem to be living on air these days.
There was a time when I shopped with coupons and whatnot, but since it's jus' me, I'm fine with getting inspired while shopping and if it means I pay more, well then so be it.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Loyal Reader #2?? LOL

Yes I have cut up a whole chicken. Do I do it often, no. I happen to have a fabulous butcher who will do it for me, for free!

I am a bargain shopper, so I buy my meats in bulk or on sale only. I have a large freezer to store all my bargains, lol. I use coupons, get 2 for 1's, etc. I hate paying full price, so I shop carefully.

The economy hasn't changed my intake or my cooking or baking, though I did can lots of stuff this year and next year my garden will be bigger.

Anonymous said...

Does that make me Loyal Reader #1?

We get (most of) our chicken from a local farm, so we get a lot of whole birds all at once at "harvest". If I want to do anything with them that requires pieces and parts, I have to do the butchering before I freeze them. Then I get the added bonus of lots of fresh chicken stock!
If you have'nt seen it yet, Jamie Oliver did a "documentary" on the chicken industry in Britain- Jamie Oliver's Fowl Dinners. It's on Youtube in several parts, but well worth watching, it was very eye opening.

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Woohoo - All 3 of my readers checked in! Hey, is there a 4th? perhaps a 5th? Wow, you never know...

Miss Jane,
How about this for coincidence?
I'm already drafting my "Jamie Oliver" piece. ;)

While those videos are difficult to watch, I really think they are worth viewing.

Please continue to let me know of other interesting things you find so we can share the info.

Wanda Woman said...

Checking in from the Hall of Justice!

Yes, I often cut up a whole chicken mahsef. I like doing it; it makes me feel very connected to my food. And a good knife is a must.

Great post, Dana. I love your blog.

Wanda Woman

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