Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My First Christmas Plates-
Let's Talk "Goodwill"

For various reasons, past Christmases have either been:
completely bland, boring, and un-festive,
warm, loving, and lovingly decorated.

Let's just say that the "lovingly decorated" was never MY home. You see, the cat doesn't quite appreciate the effort. But, this year it's different. I get to decorate not only my place - but I'll also be helping my guy decorate his place. For him and his son. He and his son. Um, I'm going with "him." of the things I love best about holiday meals at my sister's is her table. She has a few different set of dishes and I love them all. For our Christmas breakfast, she seems to usually set the Cuthbertson Poinsettia plates.

Nice, aren't they? I thought about getting them for myself. But, alas, no. E-bay has them for...$10-15 a plate (not including shipping.) Ack! For Christmas eve, she sometimes sets the Christmas tree plates. I think these are the ones, but I'm not sure.
That's the Spode Christmas Tree style. Let's just say that at the going rate of $65.00 for 4 dinner plates (with an additional $19.10 for shipping) I won't be purchasing those anytime soon.

So, I did some thinking. I tried to remember some of the other warm memories surrounding dinner when I was little. And, then I remembered a bowl. Just one bowl. It's likely stuck in some box someplace. (That's if I haven't already given it to charity...since it was indeed only 1 bowl.) It had gold "atomic" retro stars on it.

(Course, is wasn't retro when I was a little girl. I'm sure when my mom bought it, it was quite in style. If I had to guess, I bet these dishes were available as premiums from the grocery store, gas station, etc. - a different featured piece each week like the Mar-Crest silverware I already replenished via E-bay. )

Then I remembered seeing that plate pattern at Goodwill a few months back. I had smiled back when I saw it - remembering that single sad little bowl.

So, yesterday, off to Goodwill I went. And, guess what? I am now the proud owner of 12, yep, 12 festive gold retro atomic plates!

Royal China Star Glow is the pattern. And, since they range from $1.99 (plus shipping) to $9.99 per plate on E-bay, I was quite content at playing $1.99 per plate to Goodwill. Score! And, because I signed up for their free Member Card, I also got $1.20 off the total. Yea!

(While I didn't see the saucers or cups (or bowls...) in the store, I have already determined that I don't like the solid gold coffee cups that originally went with that pattern. And, I know from previous experience that if you are only looking for saucers (or cups, bowl, lunch plates), you can generally get a really nice deal on E-bay. The most expensive piece is most definitely the dinner plate. (And, platter and chop plates, but I digress.) I'm quite content with my dinner plates.

Yes, I really did buy 12 plates. I plan on using these puppies. I'm not quite sure who I'm gonna be feeding yet - or when. But, they're gonna eat in style off these cool retro plates that make me smile. (Goes so nicely with my atomic patterned Mar-Crest Citation silverware.) Let's just keep the whole Goodwill part a secret now, shall we? *Grin*

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Jules said...

An INCREDIBLE find, Dana!!! And that ya' have Mar-Crest Citation silverware to match is really terrific!
(So that Spode stuff? My Aunt Carol used to have alllll of it. And then the '89 quake occured. Nuf' said.)

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Oh, Jules. Ooof!
I love the Mar-Crest. My mom had a few of the pieces - I understand it was handed out as a premium like the Star Glow dishes back in the 50s. I decided I liked it enough to get a whole set. (LOL. Actually, because I bought various collections on E-bay...I have like 15 knives, 22 forks of different sizes, a bazillion spoons...ranging from grapefruit to iced tea spoons. ROFL!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That really is a great find. Those snowflakes make me smile, too, and you can use them alllll winter!

Dreamersgal said...

Hi Dana, has been a good morning finding finds in my research. I have 6 of the ice tea spoons which would be great for ice cream sundies. And I have a bunch of the star glow dinnerware too. Must have been a popular set in yesteryears. Dreamersgal

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Dreamersgal -
How fun! I love the idea of using the iced tea spoons in sundaes! (Makes me realize that I should be keeping and eye out at the local Goodwill for sundae glassware since I don't have any. LOL.)

Yep, I'm guessing the Star Glow was a pretty popular patttern - but, man the prices on E-bay! If I had time, I think money could be made selling Goodwill Starglow. I love the pattern. We're still using the Star-glow pattern since there's still about 4 inches of snow here.

Thanks for dropping by!

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