Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Professional Tree Decorating Tips
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Years ago a "Professional Holiday Decorator" gave a demo where I worked. (A law firm, of all places - lol.)

15 years later, I remember two things she said.

The first tip was "String the lights in top to bottom in sections rather than round and round. That way, if one strand goes bad, you only have to replace that section. You don't have to unwind the entire tree."

Dana's bonus tip: If you light it that way, all the plugs can be at the bottom in a hidden surge protector.

Her second tip was "Only use 25 foot strings of lights. The reason? She said that all Christmas lights we manufactured in 25 foot segments. So for example, a 100 foot strand really has 4-25 foot segments - which has more points of failure at the connections."

As a professional decorator, she NEVER wanted a light failure - not only because it would look bad, literally and figuratively, but also because it would cost too much in labor to undo and redo a tree.

Hope those tips help.
Now, as for what to hang after those lights to on?  How about some nice rustic Christmas ornaments?
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