Monday, January 31, 2011

How They Hanging? Simple Coat Rack Idea

A while back I saw that Pier 1 had some cute glass (okay, really plastic knobs on metal) door knob hangers like this one featured at Back Porch Musings.

I liked the cream. I enjoy a heaping helping of country cottage - but hubby gets a lump in his throat. He's a bit more...dark and rustic. So, I looked online to see if it came in any other colors. They offered verdigris. (Green? Nah.) And, also a brown - so close - but I didn't like the colored knobs.
So, to get what I really wanted I needed to do just a bit of spray painting. Just a little tiny bit - done in the blink of an eye. I called ahead to my favorite Pier 1 location, gave the friendly young man the SKU off their site and he set aside 3 of the cream colored hangers for me.

Clearance - like $4 each.
*swoon*Next I taped em off.

Then, at night, when I could hardly see...
I went out to our front porch - in my PJs...
Because I'm a lunatic...

I felt - with every fiber of my being which way the freezing cold Chicago wind was blowing - moved aside and spray painted two different colors onto the cream hangers.

I used a copper (purposely inconsistent) first coat and a second (equally inconsistent) coat of oil rubbed bronze. I didn't wait for the first coat to dry - just sprayed the oil rubbed lightly right away. (Hey, did I *mention* I was nearly nekkid and it was freezing?!)

When they were dry and the tape was off, they looked like this.
How pretty!
I brought them inside, plopped em on some paper towel and I was immensely happy. The oil rubbed bronze had pitted and pooled just like I was hoping. (For those of you keeping score, nope, I didn't spray the backs - they are still plain ol' cream. Don't tell.)

In no time, our hallway went from this...

To this...

I asked the hubby to place them on the small unused wall next to the door. He was done in a snap and I was back in the kitchen working on our next project. (Reveal soon!)

Oh, and we removed a bunch of lightweight spring coats that we really don't need right now - considering Chicago is supposed to get pummeled with 24 inches - yep you read that right - of snow this week. Ack!

Easy breezy. Pretty. And, *metal* so the hubster won't feel all sissified hanging his coat on them.
For $12 - I'm pretty happy :)

What quick projects have brought a smile to your face recently?
Do you have a wacky coat rack or hanger?
Comment and share!

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Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

These are too cute!! I had to share on my FB page!! Adorable!

Karen said...

I love it! I need dome & just today I was thinking where I could this. Thanks for sharing! Karen

WhisperWood Cottage said...

That's a brilliant $12 spent! Worth every penny! I love that you are taking your husband's feelings into consideration. Now, let's talk about spray painting outside in January while wearing pajamas... :)

coat stand said...

I love it! These are too cute!!

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