Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pottery Barn Free Shipping (And, Target, and Amazon...)

Believe it or not, each of those are categories of Free Shipping!

A year ago I did a quick post about Pottery Barn's Free Shipping and it remains one of our most popular posts. Let's expand that to Amazon, too! It's not a secret - it's a technique.

After each major holiday I head to my favorite sites, Pottery Barn, the super fantastic wonderful world of Etsy, Target, etc. and I search "Free Shipping" in quotes. Yep, that's it. I find all sorts of clearance items and with free shipping, heck they're practically free.

Are you a fan of Amazon?
Do you use their Super Saver Shipping to it's fullest?

Simply put in your search term, Retro Clock, or what have you, and then to your left, click on the Super Saver Shipping filter. I search from those to see if anything jumps out, then I take the filter off to see if there is something I would like more - even if I *had* to pay shipping.
Do you get frustrated with Super Saving Shipping because you find you are always 61 cents (or some stupid number of pennies) away from getting Super Saver Shipping on Amazon?

Wish you could just PAY the stupid 61 cents and get the shipping rather than trying to find an item to bring your total up?

Don't fret!
Use the Amazon Filler Item Finder!
Just plug the amount you are looking for - in our case 61 cents - and Poof!

I don't have to know what a Precision Twist Parabolic Drill is or what Grade 5 Zinc Plated Carriage Bolts are. (I'll just toss whatever it is in the Hubby's toolbox.) I just want the free shipping!

What are YOUR tips for getting free shipping?
Comment below and share the wealth!

Oh, I almost forgot!
I'm linking this up over at Hope Studio's "Tutorial Tuesday!"
Lots of wonderful ideas there each week!
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Jennifer Juniper said...

I hate to waste money on shipping! I also check http://www.currentcodes.com/ to check for additional specials when I order online. Thanks for the tips!


Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Oh, thanks! I can always use another coupon code site!

I frequently use Retail Me Not.
I've saved a lot through them.


Kathleen said...

These are great tips! Thanks for sharing.

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