Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's Stopping You?

What's the one thing in your home that's driving you batty?
Every day.

Imagine the movie "It's a Wonderful Life."
Remember how the round top thingy (what are those called anyway, ballister, balustrade, finial, anyways...) that thing always fell right off into Jimmy Stewart's hand each time he went up stairs. Like clock-work.
Now, sure, in the movie it was all sweet because that finial thingy was his assurance that he was home. He was loved.

For most of us, that movie would end with that piece of wood flying through the picture window. (At least we would have wanted to.) Seriously, he was about to be arrested! On Christmas!

I digress.
My thingy is the wall color in my kitchen.
At least it WAS.

It was a yellow with just enough green to make my head explode each time I entered the room. The worse part is that it was a streaky mess underneath and at the top the cut-in part where the wall met the ceiling wasn't thick enough, so there was a dark shadowy stripe going around the room.


Well, last weekend we painted it. Every single speck of yellow-green-shadowy pigment has been replaced by a cream. Sort of. It's a tad peachy. But, I have a nice cottage white on hand and the final coat will be just right.

Great. Now I feel like Goldilocks.

The best part?
No more shadows. Light bounces off of it. It's warm and soothing.

The strange thing?
I didn't even know how badly that yellow was sucking energy out of my room.
It was...and now it's gone.

We're not done.
Cream is not the end - only the beginning for this room.
But, that's another episode.
What's your thingy?
What could you change in a day or two that would give new life to your room?
What's stopping you?
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kat said...

I would really love some area rugs. A nice big one for the living room, and medium-sized ones for the bedroom and office. The only thing stopping me, unfortunately, is money. With Bryan having been unemployed for 10 out of 12 months in 2010, and me taking a lot of unpaid medical leave, we're playing a massive game of catch-up now. I did manage to get curtains up on every window, to block the unsightly standard-issue apartment blinds in 2010, and paint a few walls, so it's a start.

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