Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog Tip: You Don't Even Know...It's Not Working! (Save the Pigeons!)

Can you spot the problem?
I'll give you a hint.

Ah! THERE it is!
The no reply address.

It means that unless someone happens to know you personally, or is willing to hold their bushel basket of 50's in one hand while they put on their thinking cap with the other...and try to find how to contact you through your blog...you are pretty much unreachable.

Now, I do have a coop of finely trained homing pigeons at the ready for cases like this. But, they get tired. Oh, so tired.

Here's the good news!
It's SOOOOO easy to fix!

Hop on over to Funky Junk and check out this post. Donna has you covered. It's in the "Activate Your Profile/Email" section just a little while down the page.

While you are there, check out her others tips, too.

Now, perhaps you have your e-mail intentionally blocked.
But, I betcha 99% of you just don't know the default setting exists.

And, you never know!
Some leprechaun might have a pot of gold with your name on it.
More likely, if you are an Etsy seller or small business owner, you are missing out on a buck or two.

It only takes a minute.
Do it today.
Save the pigeons!
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