Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Home Goals

2012 Home Goals.
Last year, we didn't set goals. Somehow we got a bunch of stuff done. But, I wonder how much more we could have accomplished if we had actually talked about it.

BTW, that's not my kitchen.
(I wish...)

Our kitchen is coming along nicely.
If all goes well, you'll see it by then end of the month.

I gave a sneak peek during our 31 Days to a More Organized Life series.
I'm pretty excited about the upcoming reveal.

So, today we sat down and talked.
My husband was just thrilled really patient as I asked questions about what worked and didn't in the various rooms. We talked about where we wanted to spend more time. And, we found some things that got in the way of chilling out and relaxing together. (One of our family values.)

Here's some of our goals.

Finish hanging the various decor
Finally blog the transformation

Living Room & Dining Room
Re-hang the curtains
Spray the old picture frame
Make a large blackboard
Replace the recliner with a new(er) chair
Maybe hang the TV on wall
Get an A/B switch for the DVD/Wii
Paint table black

Fix the ceiling (don't ask...)
Hang some shelves in creative space


Hang new rod
Hang shelves
Re-paint the dresser
Purge and reduce the amount of family storage in his closet
Remove the wallpaper


Younger teen
Hang new rod
Get smaller dresser
Paint room
Reduce the amount of family storage in his closet

Now, we might notget all of these done.
Yet, they're good goals to have and I'm looking forward to the progress.
Want to see what others have in mind?
Head to the Nester's to see.

Share YOUR 2012 Home Goals below!

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