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Express Scripts & Walgreens - The Scoop

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This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Got Questions?
Chances are good you've heard stories in the media about Walgreens and Express Scripts. For the past year, Walgreens has negotiated with Express Scripts for a new contract to continue as part of its pharmacy provider network. Those negotiations were unsuccessful, and the contract expired on Dec. 31.

But, what does that really mean?
Does it affect you?

Head to the Walgreens and Express Script AP article to find the info you are looking for.
Here's a snapshot - See the link above for the details.

Only patients with certain prescription insurance plans managed by Express Scripts are impacted. It is best to check with your local Walgreens pharmacist to find out for sure if you’re impacted. Patients also can check the back of their prescription insurance card – if it has Express Scripts’ name there, then they may be affected. If it doesn’t say Express Scripts, then they are not affected.

How is Walgreens trying to Help Their Patients?
Among the steps Walgreens is taking to minimize the disruption is offering a special discount on annual membership for its Prescription Savings Club.

So, what's the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club?

In a nutshell, For $10 a year, a family membership covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets. Individuals may join for $5. Join and receive discount prices on your prescriptions.

Other benefits include:
* Savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications
* Discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies
* Bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services
Click the link above for additional details.

You can also get the latest info through:
Walgreens on Twitter or Walgreens on Facebook.

I appreciate the convenience of my local Walgreens. My family trusts them, too. Years ago a Walgreens pharmacist found a possible drug interaction in my records and alerted my Doctor. That's why I like Walgreens.

Get the info and see if you are affected. Be sure you getting the real story. After all, nothing is more important than the health of your family.

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