Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reboot - Cleaning and Organizaing

31 days minutes organized life home Cafe D
Last October, did you walk through our series with us?

We broke the month into 31 Tasks...
making sure each could be accomplished in 31 minutes or less.

 It was a fun series and a lot of you commented you gave great tips 
to each other via comments and Facebook.  

Well, this time I'm walking through someone else's 31 Days.

Sarah Mae was blessed to have her series made into a book last year. 

 Cool, huh? 

If you want a copy, there is a link to the left. 
(It you want 50% off, just used the code: Reboot) 

Sarah Mae, or rather her book, is having a reboot - and I'm going to go along for the ride! 
You can read all about it and join us. 

 Are you ready for the reboot?

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