Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There, I Said It. "Pin it" - If You Must.

DIY Inexpensive artwork
Inexpensive artwork.

Maybe you're looking for a Mother's Day gift. 
Or, you're styling a nursery  - and money doesn't grow on trees.
Perhaps money is no object...
But you love DIY.

artwork. doesn't have to be expensive.

Yep - I said it.
It's there in black and white - er, green.
You can go ahead and "pin it" on an inspiration board now. 
Or an "eyeroll" board - if that's your pleasure.

DIY rustic artwork is something I love - which is good because DIY is in my budget.

"Our Bedroom" Pinterest board is chalk full of rustic DIY-ness. 
(I tried containing it in our "Rustic Art Inspiration" board...but it escaped.)

Oh, well. 
 Art, can't be contained. 
(You can pin that little bit of inspiration, too. LOL)

DIY inexpensive rustic artwork tree

Isn't that rustic tree adorable?  *swoon*

It's always amazing to me - how pretty & simple repetition can be.  
Take the painting below.

Step 1.  
Simple lines for twigs.  
Dots in white, cream, gray, yellow.  
Leaf here and there.

Step 2. 
Let dry.

Step 3.  
Head to you local Hobby Lobby to mat and frame it.  
(Even better, skip the mat then re-use a frame you bought at a  resale shop or yard sale.)

DIY inexpensive artwork simple

Now, I'm not silly enough to think that my artwork 
will be all balanced,
have flow and movement,
I've already exhausted my Freshman year art survey vocab.

Heck, I'm not Zoe at Dear Chicago House. (<-- great gal, btw)
But, it's okay.
Because while I do have critics,
they know how to embrace the imperfect.

Have you made your own artwork?
Would you like to?
What would it look like?

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