Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did We Really? D'oh!

jack bauer netflix 24 keifer sutherland
What does Jack Bauer eat to keep up his energy? 
A Bauer Bar.  (sorry.)

We are re-watching 24 on Netflix.
Well, I'm re-watching it.   
My husband is watching for the first time.

You should know...
He gets home from work at 10 p.m. so sometimes we're falling asleep while watching.

(Yeah, 10 p.m. Ugh. living on 2 different shifts...can be a challenge.)

So, if you've ever watched 24 you know that is can sometimes move slowly.  Very slowly.  And, yet other times you get introduced to a bazillion new characters - only to find that you really only need to know the name of one who will be sticking around  - because all of the others don't even make it to the commercial break.

We were in episode 9.  
We watched the previous episode very late the night prior.  Episode 9...made no sense.  Well, it sorta did.  Some things were kinda familiar.  The scenes in the  "Previously on..." recap rang a bell. We shrugged and pushed on - thinking we had just fallen asleep.

Last night we started season 2.  
And, we happened to see that Season 1 had each of its 24 episodes underlined in red - indicating they had been watched.  All of them...

Except for one...
Apparently we had skipped episode 8.

Allow me to amend.
I guess we're re-watching 23.


Have you caught up on anything worth watching lately?
What do you recommend?

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