Friday, August 3, 2012

My New Friend Basil (And What To Do with this 'Do?!)

Container Gardening...An update.

Today I re-potted my 2 remaining plants.
Meet Basil and Miss Oregano.  

(Can we all agree that if Miss Oregano doesn't do something with her hairdo...
she's never going to win herself a good Greek boy?)

If I give her a good trimming there just might be some homemade Parmesan herb bread in our future. Hubby would like that.

Can we be honest?
Hubby would like anything homemade at this point.

It's been a full week since I've cooked anything.  We've just got too much going on.  He might get lucky and get some cinnamon fruit bread on Sunday. I've been wanting something sweet lately.

Since I know you haven't been sleeping well since the day I planted our garden - here's the scoop. At first I was super excited when we had actual growth! But, then reality set in. In no time flat we lost 2 plants to buggy things. (That's the technical term we gardeners use.)

I'm pretty happy that the basil and oregano survived.  I've been adding fresh basil to pasta dishes and we had Caprese salad a few times.

The basil was actually doing really, really well.  Then we were gone for a couple of weekends and I think there might have been some under-watering going on. (And, if I can be honest, I think when hubby tried to help out we might have double-watered it, too. He's sweet for helping the poor things.)

Then I moved them from a super sunny spot to a filtered light spot and they really didn't like that.  So back to the west facing window they go!  Enjoy the sun, ladies!  (Oh, Basil, forgive me if you are a guy.)

I hear the tomatoes will be plen-TI-FUL this year due to heat.
(And, I'm kinda stoked...hoping folks pawn off their bounty on me!)

Did you plant anything this year?
Outdoors or in?

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