Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kulinary Kuriosity...as Kids

Culinary Curiosity.

Do you like to try new things?  Are you adventurous?  
Or, do you have a handful of trusted recipes you love and you stick with those?

How about your kids?  If Kevin Costner made a film about your dinner table, would your offspring be named Trier of New Things?  Maybe...Stands with Fork?  How about... Boy Who Says No?

I was reading Sandy's Acorn Squash Shepherd's Pie recipe over at Reluctant Entertainer.  (You read her, too, right?)

It got me thinking.  
I didn't grow up with squash.  

No butternut, no acorn.  No spaghetti squash! (Which, come on, is SO FUN!)  I certainly didn't know that pumpkins were edible.  Carve-able? Yes.  Edible?  No.  (Pumpkin pie was made with stuff in a can.  I had no concept of where that came from.)

I also didn't grow up with turnips, parsnips, or rutabaga.

Lastly, sweet potatoes only came once a year.
With crusty marshmallows.

In one way, I'm sad that I missed out on so many types of veggies for so long.  One the other hand, it's kinda of exciting to try things for the first time.  Or, trying new combinations of flavors. I'm a pinning fool - over on Pinterest.

What foods have you tried for the first time as an adult?

What are your new-found favs?

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