Saturday, December 1, 2012

Untangling Christmas

Untangling Christmas

The Christmas season seems so short.
It's December 1st and I'm already wishing I had changed over from autumn to Christmas sooner.

But, one thing we're trying hard to not bring out this season?

Maybe if we unpack the stress we can finally toss it in the can where it belongs.
(Unpack, get it.  This thing on?)

This year our family sat and we had a little Christmas pow-wow.  We talked about what some of our favorite memories are, favorite traditions, least favorites traditions, favorite foods, etc. Basically, we pared down what we were really looking for this season - since we can't do it all.  And, trying will make you bonkers!

We put a huge paper Christmas tree on the back of our door and wrote down some goals.  Things we want to do, people we want to spend time with, food we want to make - or eat.

Sure, we talked about gifts and lists.
But, we also spoke a lot about Presence, not Presents.

One thing our the 15 year old wants is a real Christmas tree topper.  While we really liked last year's tree, he's hoping that we can find an angel or star that captures the true meaning of Christmas.

Charlie Brown and Linus would be so proud.

Guess that means the Santa Yoda Bobble-Head which we stole off our festive Christmas Pez Tree just ain't gonna cut it this year.

He kept asking when we were going to light the candles in our Christmas Nativity.
He said he knew it was special to me and he asked if he could light them.
That touched my heart.
We 'rents are looking forward to establishing some more meaningful traditions this year.  And, looks like we'll be making a lot of Chex Mix and baking cookies.

The idea for the Christmas sit-down came from a new e-book called Untangling Christmas
While I've only read a couple of chapters so far there have been a lot of ideas about thing to do - and things to skip - this year.  There's a focus on the season and tips on how to help your family get the most out of whatever it is your family wants form the season.

(The authors don't know I'm giving 'em props,
This is just my own little Random Act of Kindness.)

What are your tips for Untangling Christmas?
What are some non-negotiable traditions, foods, etc. for YOUR family?
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