Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Cook-Fest

So, my friend and I were lucky enough to have Good Friday off and decided to make the most of it and make meals for Sunday church. (She was going to attend my church on Saturday night and I was going to hers on Sunday for brunch.) I decided to make Greek Lasagne, called Pastitsio, and she wanted to make spinach and feta pie,called Spanakopita, lined with paper-thin Phyllo pastry.

And, since we were cooking for hours in her kitchen and her family wouldn't get to eat the food until Sunday, we also made dinner that night. We just faked it and made a tasty pantry velcro meal and topped it with leftover Phyllo. Tasted pretty good.

Kudos to her two daughters for helping us cook.
Actually one helped and one just ate cheese.
But, that's ok.
It needed eatin' ;) Pin It

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gerbmom said...

I'm glad you're my friend.....
I've NEVER eaten so well in my life. Or had so much fun....

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