Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales

I wrote a scathing letter to Sears last year.
They actually responded.

This year more and more stores will be open on Thanksgiving. Those that aren't *open* will be beginning their Black Friday sales early on Thursday evening. (Um, isn't that *open*?)

I think what Black Friday has become is reprehensible. I'm a couponer by nature, and I shop the sale papers - but I've never stood in line for Black Friday deals.

First of all, they have limited quantities - which encourages fighting in the stores and brings out the worst in people. Second, having the stores open means that employees have to give up their Thanksgiving to stock or work the sales.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - board games, food, laughter - I would never cut that short to camp out in a line. There are some things more important than the chance of saving a few bucks.

To those who say that they are just trying to save money on Christmas presents, I would challenge them to limit their gifts and instead spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Toys and Christmas reindeer sweaters will not be what we remember years from now. (Okay, maybe we'll remember that reindeer sweater!)

It's the moments we share that are priceless.

What is your Thanksgiving like?
How do you feel about Black Friday sales?

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