Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sausage Gravy Recipe - Biscuits Anyone?

We were lucky enough to have a whole mess of fresh Italian sausage
we needed to cook. Darn. (We love sausage.)

So, we made some Zuppa Toscana using our Olive Garden taste-alike recipe.
(We have tweaked the recipe to give it even MORE flavor. Coming soon!)

Still, we were left with lots of sausage.

Biscuits and gravy for dinner!

Sausage Gravy

About 1 cup of cooked sausage.
2 Tb. sausage fat
2 Tb. AP flour
2 cups of warm milk, or half n half
salt and pepper

First, I heated up my sausage fat in a cast iron skillet.
Tonight my fat was a combo of about 1 Tb. sausage fat and 1 Tb. butter.
(It was pretty lean sausage.)

Mixed an equal portion of AP flour into the fat.
In this case, I used 2 tablespoons.

While my roux is cooking (only about 2 minutes) till bubbly...
Our milk (I used half n half) is warming in the microwave.
(You don't have to warm it, but the gravy will be ready sooner.)

Added in the warm milk or half n half slowly and bring to a boil.
Reserve some liquid which you can add if needed.
Reduce the heat to a low simmer, added pepper.
Wait on the salt.

Added the cooked sausage. I usually take the pan off the heat. Cast iron retains the heat and continues to warm the sausage without thickening the gravy too much. If you need to, add additional milk to loosen it up. Now, after the sausage has had time to mingle with the gravy, I taste it and add salt to taste.

Grab yer biscuits. Usually I make mine. But, tonight it was a Pilsbury night. (Yeah, I said it.) There's nothing like real buttermilk biscuits hot out of the oven. And, they're easy and cheap. But, tonight the kitchen was already a disaster. So, I didn't. (Just keeping it real.)

Here, I'll distract you...
"Oooh, look at the grayyyyveeee."

Do you make your own biscuits and gravy?

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