Friday, May 4, 2012

Perfectly Grilled Asparagus

 We love asparagus.

I used to work the grill in a busy kitchen.
 One of our all-time hits was...asparagus. 
For the entire service I would put it on and take it off the grill. 
Order after order  - that's what the customers wanted.

What was our secret?

1. Hot grill. Low flames.  (No one likes the taste of soot.)

2. In a flat bottomed pan (13x9 or loaf pan is fine), roll the asparagus in a 1/8 of an inch of olive oil.

3. Place on grill. Salt them.  (You can use a lemon pepper or steak seasoning, if you wish.)

4.  Roll them with tongs once to turn.

5. Remove them before the tips are cooked and wilted. (They will continue to cook on the plate.)

If you wish, you can give a give them a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime when you plate them.  Salt and pepper is usaully enough. Of course, you can also serve them with avgolemono sauce. (Use the soup technique, scaled down, skipping the orzo.)

A big thank you to Chef Jodi for keeping recipes simple, fresh...and tasty!


What is your favorite food on the grill?

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