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Avgolemono Soup (Greek Egg and Lemon Soup)

Easy Greek Lemon Chicken Soup Avgolemono recipe

I'm not really sure why I've been on such a soup kick lately - but my family isn't complaining.
I'm just going to break down and admit that this blog lately...has been a bit soupified.
And, according to Soup-makers Anonymous,
I must admit that I am powerless.
I am.

And, so I have created a new category called Soup-A-Licious.
I'm embracing my inner Saltine-loving self.
At least till the warm weather hits.

Greek Egg and Lemon Soup 
Around here, if you ask your server what the soups are in a Greek restaurant, 
you are likely to hear "Two soups - avgolemono and lentil."

The lentil she speaks of would be fakes, but she'll just stick with the word lentil. 
(After all, who wants to say "fakes" to a customer.  
Too much room for misunderstanding that two-syllable word.)

If you ask her what the other soup was,(the avgolemono), 
chances are good she will just say, "Cream of Chicken with Rice."

Want to know a secret?
Take a gander at the soup above.
Not a drop of cream in there.  (Nor, milk for that matter.)  
And, no rice - it's orzo pasta.

Today's soup is a based on 2 similar recipes. Oh, and a blog comment.The first recipe is from Organically Cooked. The second is from Serious Eats. Both wonderful sites.

And, thank you to a commenter on Organically Cooked, named Mariza, who said, "My dad used to whisk the eggs, the whites first until well beaten, then the yolks and last went the lemon. The more you whisk the whites the thicker becomes the soup." That's the technique I used.

Avgolemono Soup
Takes about 30 minutes
Serves 4

8 cups chicken stock
1 cup orzo pasta, (or rice)
3 eggs, separated (Use pasteurized eggs, if you wish)
Juice of 3 lemons
Freshly ground black pepper

Have your egg yolks, waiting in a small bowl. Have your lemon juice waiting in a second small bowl.  Have your egg whites waiting in a medium bowl.

Bring stock to a boil and add orzo or rice. Simmer until tender - mine took about 12 minutes. Season stock to taste with salt.

While the orzo is cooking, lightly scramble the egg yolks and set aside.

When the orzo is nearing doneness - 
In the medium bowl, beat the egg whites until they come to medium peaks.  Add the egg yolks, to the whites, whisking continuously.  Add the lemon juice, continuing to whisk.

When the orzo is ready, move the pot off the heat.  

Temper the egg-lemon mixture by adding 2 cups of the hot stock  - add this very slowly in a constant stream while beating vigorously to prevent the eggs from cooking.  Add the beaten mixture back into the pot, whisking to combine. Serve immediately with freshly ground black pepper.

Have you ever had avgolemono soup?
Have you made it?
If you have a different technique, feel free to share it!

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