Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days To a More Organized Life: Day 9 - Sorting the Sock Drawer

"Tasks that take 31 Minutes or less to make your life...just a little bit easier!"

Welcome to Day 9.
Miss anything?
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The Sock Drawer.
Today's task is quick and easy.
And, you can do most of it from your couch watching TV.

We're applying a little bit of a few different days.

Take the gathering of the gift cards from Day 2.

Use the purging of the Junk Drawer (part 1) on Day 6.

And, standardize using what we did with the food storage containers on Day 4.

Helpful Tips:
Hang a lost sock bag on the bedroom doorknob for a few weeks.

If the match doesn't appear, the single sock can be used for:
* dusting
* sock puppets
* waxing your car
* use as golf club covers
* camping soap (stick a bar of soap inside)

Helpful Tips:
You might want to standardize.
My short white socks have pink toes and heels. So far my husband has never been seen in them. (That didn't work for my friend, though - apparently her husband and 3 boys are completely fine with walking around in her pink toed socks - LOL. So, use at your own risk!)

If you standardize, you might not have to pair up socks. Afterall, you'll just have a stack of "Bob's black and brown," "Billy's white with little G2's on the toe." Okay, you might want to pair up "Susie's colorful collection." But, maybe she's old enough to do that herself. And, mismatched socks just could be the next trend :)

Okay, that's it!
Now...go gather those socks!
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