Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days To a More Organized Life: Day 16 - Do You Have a Blue Box?

"Tasks that take 31 Minutes or less... to make your life just a little bit easier!"

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Welcome to Day 16.
Our Blue Box
We love taking road trips.

And, we find that it's helpful to have a few things at our fingertips. Our box contains...well, let's see.

Yep, Wet Ones. And, of course a Wall Drug bumper sticker from our trip to South Dakota. (I have no idea why it's not actually on the car, but I digress.)

What else?
Well, some sun block, bug repellent, pocket knife, band-aids, binder clips and Clorox wipes. The binder clips do double-duty. Sometimes we use them while camping. Other times they are our chip clips to keep our Funyon snackage safe and sound.

BTW, yeah - our blue box is blue.
We're big Doctor Who and Tardis fans.
It's kinda fun to say to "Check the blue box."

Do you have a Blue Box of sorts?
What's in your box?
Tell us in the comments below!

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