Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days To a More Organized Life: Day 21 - Do you need THIS over THERE! (Part 1)

"Tasks that take 31 Minutes or less... to make your life just a little bit easier!"

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Welcome to Day 21.

Today, take 31 minutes to figure out what you need, where.
What do I mean?

Well, were going a bit further into what we started on Day 14 -What would make it WORK?

There are some things in our life that just aren't working. And, each day we just make due. Because they're small annoyance. Tiny, really. And, who has the time to fix them. (Even if the fix is super easy.)

Well, today is the day folks!
See this?

This was our old baker's rack.
My husband hated the fact that the first thing he saw walking into the kitchen was our lunch bags.

I get that.
I can honor that.

So when we got our new open shelving we found a new solution.

Easy. Simple. Quick.
A few 3M hook thingies and we're done.
Lunch bags are still handy yet, they are tucked away pretty much out of sight.

Let's talk iced tea. (Or, coffee, or what have you.)
We've upcycled a Pom Tea glass and given it a function.

Rather than tossing it in the recycling, it holds our iced tea spoons.
(Which we use for iced tea, powdered lemonade, and our coffee each morning.)
We leave them right next to the coffee maker...and right near the sugar.
Simple and handy.

Wanna read Part 2?

Look around.
What quick simple fixes could you make to either make the view prettier or the day easier? Fix one today!

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